On the site of the former Slotervaart hospital, a beautiful development is taking place. Several parties have joined forces to give this area a new function in the future. The parties operate under the name De Plantijn.

The Plantijn is a collaboration between Sanquin, Slotervaart Centrum voor Zorg (the former Slotervaart Hospital, now owned by Zadelhoff), Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and Cordaan‘s Hof van Sloten nursing home. They are all situated in the area between Plesmanlaan and Louwesweg on the Johan Huizingalaan. This area is part of Schinkel Kwartier that will develop into a lively city district in the coming years.

The developments within De Plantijn will be communicated via its own website. will provide updates and tell you what concrete plans there are for this interesting part of Amsterdam.

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